You stay the fuck away from her, alright?" This is meaning he was going to marry his gun, he the groom and the gun the bride, and tie the knot meaning to shoot himself. I don't wanna play you, I just wanna tape you undress. I don't know what the fuck I was thinking man (sobs and crying)" while Dr. TC tells him "It's okay,I'm here to help you. Golf Wang is Wolf Gang if you switch the "G" and "W". Ascended Fanboy: Tyler's biggest influence is Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes.The two finally met and apparently Pharrell has signed Tyler to his record label. Dr. TC asks who this voice is, and Tyler responds "Tron Cat". I'll take care of it. In the next track, Rusty, Samuel shoots Earl Sweatshirt and kills him in hope it'll scare Wolf away from Salem. Later on in the song, Tyler realizes that Dr. TC doesn't help him with anything, and screams "You don't help me with SHIT" and Dr. TC  calls security after Tyler hesitates to calm down, after screaming "I'm not crazy! See, you’re not, going crazy, it’s me, I’m your best friend Tyler. In the beginning, Dr. TC(TC=Tron Cat, The Creator, Tyler's Conscious) interviews Tyler as his therapist and tells him there will be 3 sessions. Isra Hirisi, daughter of Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar was just a teenage girl who likes Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, and Criminal Minds when her mom stepped into the political spotlight, becoming one of the first two Muslim-American women ever elected to congress. And then at the end of Goblin, Tyler kills all of his friends and goes pretty much insane, leading to him finally killing Sam. Dr.TC asks Wolf what's going on, he heard about some fights and stuff, and he wants to know what happened. Pop the pop corn, the thought to rape you really turns me on. Khaled's album, Father of Asahd , failed to debut at number 1 on the album charts. The next part of the song, Campfire, describes Wolf and everyone at Camp Flog Gnaw (even Salem) around a campfire making smores. At the end of Cowboy, Wolf says "Whoa, who's that?" "VCR / Wheels". casenkreation : If you had to shoot a video for one of these tracks, which one and why? Lyrics to 'Bastard' by Tyler, The Creator. The mogul did not give any details on the name or sex of the child, but did create for the baby an IG account - @babydusko. Just changed it, thank to udid the observation. I'm a table! I'm a fucking table!". Tyler, the Creator is an American rapper and record producer with an estimated net worth of $4 million. One verse says "Grab Salem and Slater and go around, riding bikes." You won't have to worry about a thing".Â,      The next track, Au79, is just composed of hip-hop instrumentals to ease the mood of what just happened. Tyler, The Creator: Milan, Raquel, Danielle, You will hear these names throughout the album. Then, at the beginning of the next track, "Window" Dr. TC tells Tyler"I brought your friends here to come talk to you/I couldn't get a hold of Jasper and Taco for some reason". Tyler, The Creator Lyrics. Tron Cat is the voice in his head that tells him to do fucked up shit) Hodgy Beats is only left, saying "nigga what the fuck are you doin'?/You just gonna...nigga hold on, we can talk about this, everything that we've been through, nigga you just gonna shoot me iN MY FUCKIN'...." and we hear the gun shoot as Tyler says "sorry, nigga sorry." Some food for thought some food for death, go 'head and fuckin' eat. Earl Sweatshirt, Panda Bear, Tyler the Creator, Gucci Mane, Playboi Carti, Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes, Sampha, Pharrell Williams, Raphael Saadiq, Metro … Your friends, they’re just figments of your imagination. In "Bastard", Tyler raps about his pretty messed up life from his dad leaving him, which makes him a "Bastard". Their relationship soured as a result of two subsequent events. Hopefully this makes sense, Tyler said that he wanted Analog 2 to be on the album so maybe that song goes after Bimmer because they're at the lake. Yo, fuck 2DopeBoyz and fuck Naw Right And any other fuck-nigga-ass blog that can't put an 18 year old nigga Making his own fucking beats, covers, videos and all that shit Fuck you post-Drake-ass cliche-jerking, LA-slauson rapping Fuck-nigga-ass Hypebeast niggas, now back to the album  Dr. TC, the camps counselor, comes in saying "Music sounds good, Sam, you've been practicing." And that is the end of, "Wolf".Â,      Now, what I believe is, Bastard>Wolf>Goblin>Sam (Is Dead). Before he rose to fame in the music industry, Tyler worked at Starbucks for a number of years, and also at FedEx for a fortnight. He is the leader of Los Angeles, California, USA hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All . The next song, "Awkward" is about Samuel and Salem when they first met, and the awkwardness and other details of their first date. I’m Tron Cat, I’m Ace, I’m Wolf Haley, I’m..." Tyler finishes his sentence with a simple "me..." following by the album ending. Dr. TC says, " Someone gave a fuck Tyler. Dr. TC=Tron Cat=Tyler's Conscience. Salem (Salem=Sam+Haley. Dr. TC apologizes for his loss, and tells Wolf "Last time I seen Sammy, he was looking for you." The song "Slater" a few tracks after this just describes Sam riding his bike, Slater. Wolf, trying to be casually friendly, asks "you guys like jazz? Thank you for this. ... Danielle, Raquel, Sarah—she was Raquel—I just didn’t have the balls to let her know that song was about her. You stay the fuck out of our way and we'll stay out of yours, capisce?" and the nurses and security begin to tranquilizer Tyler with drugs as he starts resisting and yelling "No one gave a fuck". ... II, Giovanni Cortez (Standing on the Corner), Amber Venerable, Raquel Egbuonu Published by … Discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favorite tracks with your friends. 2 on the Billboard album and streaming charts behind Tyler the Creator's critically acclaimed album Igor . In the track "Bitch Suck Dick", Tyler kills Taco and Jasper at the end, for no apparent reason. A friend of his replies they are "by the lake" and Sam becomes angry and mutters to himself "what the fuck?". Dr. TC says afterwards, "As this is the end of the session, is there anything else you wanted to say"? The next song, Cowboy, is rapped by Sam/Samuel. Bastard is the first track from the debut mixtape Bastard of American rapper/record producer, Tyler the Creator.A short music video was released on January 1, 2010. A source says Khaled's anger had nothing to do with the record label or his label mate Tyler, the Creator. Tyler The Creator is turning 30 in 79 days. Dame Dash and his fiancé Raquel Horn welcomed a child into the world yesterday, MTO News has confirmed. Raquel treat me like my father like a f*cking stranger She still don’t know I made Sarah to strangle her Not put her in danger and chop her up in the back of a wrangler All because she said no to homecoming, demons running Inside my head telling me evil thoughts I’m the dream catcher but nothing but nightmares I caught… go to sleep [Verse 6:] Anyways, that's my view on it, but we won't know for sure until Tyler tells us. I'm gonna give you some space while I go figure this out. Tyler Okonma (born March 6, 1991) is Tyler, The Creator, a Grammy award-winning American rapper, record producer, director, fashion designer, and the head of his own independent record label, Odd Future Records. Not Wednesday? and Samuel responds "That's my girlfriend, Salem. And then I'll lay you down and record soft porn. "Bastard". Grand Theft Auto V (Video Game 2013) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. At the end, Tyler proclaims to Dr.TC "If I seen that nigga, I would kill him" and if the first track of Goblin is played afterwards, you hear "You wouldn't do that. Let us pray. The track ends with Wolf and Salem talking. Goodbye Bastard, hello Goblin.. OR symbolizes him wanting to kill himself because he is a bastard, an he says "bang" to urge himself to pull the trigger, but he cant.Â,      In the beginning of Goblin, Dr. TC says to Tyler, "You wouldn't do that. He isn't going to make ALL the tracks match the storyline, that wouldn't leave any fun for him. Dash is best known as co-founder of Roc-A-Fella along with Jay-Z and Kareem Burke. Sam is jealous that Salem likes Wolf, and he doesn't want that to happen. Eventually, he left these odd jobs to pursue his passion for music as a career. Father of Asahd landed at No. Tyler, The Creator. Kill yourself or anyone else/you don't even have the balls to begin with", which is a reference to Tyler wanting to kill himself because he was a bastard at the end of Inglorious, he says "bang" wanting to pull the trigger. Please put this into paragrahs so I can actually read it... im sorry, that's the best paragraph I can do. The mogul did not give any details on the name or sex of the child, but did create for the baby an IG account - @babydusko. Tyler, The Creator posted this from his old account on Hypebeast:. Tyler the Creator Career. In Bastard, Tyler talks to Dr. TC about him hating his dad, and contemplates suicide in the end, but he gets over it. As it turns out, Dr. TC/Tron Cat/Wolf Haley/Ace the Creator are all part of Tyler's conscience, and his friends were part of his imagination.Â,      Now, Wolf goes to Camp Flog Gnaw (Flog spelled backwards is Golf, Gnaw spelled backwards is Wang) At the beginning of "Wolf", the track "Wolf" starts with Sam singing and playing on the piano. Nov 8, 2020 - Explore peter schneider's board "Photo" on Pinterest. r/tylerthecreator: The subreddit for all content relating to music and fashion icon, Tyler, The Creator. I said this before, but isn't it "the next day?" The next track, Jamba, is just Wolf rapping with Hodgy, until the end, Hodgy says "Here comes that weak ass nigga Samuel." Deezer: free music streaming. now obviously with this theory there are shit of holes and inconsistencies but whatever its just some shit i thought. Tyler the Creator - She (featuring Frank Ocean). Tyler, the Creator. Wolf asks Salem why he's a dick, Salem tells him that some shit happened back home and he ran away, then Wolf asks, "what happened?" See more ideas about photo, tyler the creator wallpaper, tyler the creator. In regards to the whole Sam thing, do you think that Tyler is the guy in the military uniform in the video for Sam (Is Dead)? Sam represented his awkwardness with girls, his violence and problems with bullies. Wolf is having a good time, and is happy with his life and being at camp Flog Gnaw.Â,      The next track, Bimmer, describes Wolf flirting with Salem, and at the end of the song, when Sam gets back from a drug deal, he asks where Salem is. "Au" is the symbol/abbreviation for Gold on the periodic table, and gold's atomic number is 79, ergo, Au79, the track's title. You better run, Sammy, run." Upon being warned Samuel is after him, Wolf responds, "not if I get to him first." In the beginning, Dr. TC(TC=Tron Cat, The Creator, Tyler's Conscious) interviews Tyler as his therapist and tells him there will be 3 sessions. And the "ace gon' put that fucking hole I'm my head" is a reference to Ace, The Creator. Puzzled, Dr. TC asks Wolf if he has seen him. I know everything, I know everything about you. "I'm a fucking walking paradox" says Tyler, and then Wolf jumps in saying "No I'm not", contradicting what Tyler just said. This is what the devil plays before he goes to sleep. Tyler hates Wolf, and wants to get rid of him, but he knows Wolf is so cool and a good rapper, that Wolf is the one better at rapping than he is, because Wolf is a crazy awesome dude with red hair, a real rapper, who doesn't give a fuck. Today (Bastard), tomorrow (Goblin) and The next day (Wolf)." I just wanted to add some more stuff to your theory, which is very good by the way. Album Bastard. And, uh, the person that gave a fuck was me. In the end of the track "Window", Tyler gets a gun and kills Mike G, Domo Genesis and Frank Ocean (probabaly because Tron Cat is telling him to do so. And if there are any references to Goblin in Wolf, that's simply because he was rapping as Tyler, The Creator in the real world. Fuck Him. The next track is titled "Yonkers", a city in NY.Â,      The beginning of the track starts with "Wolf Haley/Golf Wang". Tyler, The Creator: Milan, Raquel, Danielle, You will hear these names throughout the album. Dash served as Jay-Z's manager and business partner at Roc-A-Fella Records, and in 1999, he organized a tour for Jay-Z which made $19 million. Dame confirmed on Instagram yesterday that Raquel gave birth, and that both she and the baby are healthy. Today, tomorrow, and The next day. Yes, Tyler, the Creator’s on top of the globe, but can rap’s crazed genius gain Grammys, reach adulthood and keep his sanity? ", and Sam responds with "look, wolf, prairie dog, whatever the fuck your name is. At the end of Goblin track, Dr. TC tries to change the subject by saying "So, how was your trip to new york?" Wolf starts rapping, and ends on the subject of his grandma dying. The next song, Pigs, is about Sam, rapping about him killing a kid who bullied him, which is why he's at Camp Flog Gnaw. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Other than that, sound thoery you got. He shoots what I think are 3 of the 4 Sam's, the 4th being himself maybe?      In "Bastard", Tyler raps about his pretty messed up life from his dad leaving him, which makes him a "Bastard". The next song, 48, is about Samuel rapping about his crack/cocaine business in all 48 lower states.One verse states "They call me Mr.Treat-Your-Nose / If you need some blow (cocaine) / I can get it for the low". Or this might be a reference to Lone, the last song on Wolf, When Dr. TC asks if anyone's seen 'Sam' lately, and at the end Tyler/Wolf says "If I see that nigga, imma kill him". I cut my wrist and play piano cause I'm so depressed. If it's romance then it's hardcore, if it's horror. Kill yourself or anyone, you wouldn't have the balls", and amazingly enough, it fits perfectly. Tyler the Creator. De facto leader and, as his name suggests, creator of Odd Future. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The video shows Tyler rapping the first verse of the song with a close-up of his mouth with aluminum foil grill on the bottom row of his teeth while also showing him with his signature ski mask on. Dame confirmed on Instagram yesterday that Raquel gave birth, and that both she and the baby are healthy. Thank you for reading this long-ass post and sorry for grammatical errors :D, Thank you very much for reading and believing :D. ok to all those who that WOLF was a prequel to Goblin i believe you now, also, another theory i had which ties in kinda to this but not really and is kinda weak, is that Sam is just like symbol of Tyler's insecurities, which explains in Sam (is Dead), cuz at that time period of early 2012, Tyler had a VMA, stopped wearing a mask, and went on a great tour and shit, so Sam is officialy dead now, Tyler is doing good and is happy. The next, and last track on Goblin, called "Golden" (referencing to the track before this one, Au79) begins with Dr. TC saying "Tyler, you obviously have some fuckin problems", deriving from the rape fantasies, him killing all of his friends, and the various dark and murder tones of Goblin that make it a deep, dark album that it was supposed to be. Press my buttons baby, Press my fuckin' buttons baby, Good theory though. In a couple tracks after this, Tamale, Wolf was masturbating and someone caught him and took him to the camp office.Â,      The next track, Lone, takes place with Wolf in Dr. TC's office. You're absolutely correct. The first was when Roc-A-Fella Records was purchased by Def Jam Recordings (which had previously only owned half of the company) in 2004, after which Jay-Z agreed to take a job as Def Jam's president. Tyler, The Creator Lyrics. Golf Wang, meaning Wolf Haley's label/group, relating to Wolf Gang by Tyler. Dr. TC, see Tyler, I’m your conscience. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. See what Raquel (valentetamara) found on Pinterest, the home of the world's best ideas. Directed By Wolf Haley. He describes how he's sorry for selling drugs and ruining others lives, but he needs money just as bad as they needed the drugs. Tyler Gregory Okonma was born on March 6, 1991 in Los Angeles, California to a Nigerian father and mother of mixed- race descent. You’ve been helping yourself this whole time. In this track, Tyler tries to battle his evil white alter ego Wolf Haley (Tyler wanted his nickname to be Wolf, and wanted to change his last name to Haley cause his father left him and he didn't want his last name) by rapping back and forth with himself. He says, "My bitch is on my handlebars", referring to Salem riding on his handlebars when Sam rides his bike, Slater. Sam expresses how much he loves Salem during this track. I get good bitches now, but there’s still shit that you always wanted. The next track, IFHY (I Fucking Hate You) is about Sam confronting Salem about hanging out with Wolf. 2wice. and introduces Sam to Wolf. Wolf replies, "Fuck that nigga Sammy." In the music video, After Sam is killed, you see his dead body laying in a pile with other dead OF crew members who were killed in Goblin. This relates back to the beginning of Bastard, when Dr. TC said "There will be 3 sessions. I got groupies. Today, tomorrow, and The next day. And because Earl died in Rusty, it would explain why he wasn't in goblin. ; A Darker Me: Two of them: Ace Creator and Wolf Haley.Ace is more of a boastful hotshot while Wolf is an evil, Slim Shady-esque figure.Wolf predominately collaborates with Earl Sweatshirt. and it also says in the credits that it is performed by The Dead Sams. At this point, Dr. TC comes in and says "Tyler, give me the gun." I Was Bored, I Hate/Love Xmas, And Uh….Bad Quality, Missing Words, Jst Wanted It … Ace is so brave, it's basically "fuck a noose, ace is brave enough to put a gun to his head and pull the trigger to get rid of Wolf Haley".Â,      At the end of the song Nightmare, it is revealed that Tyler has a voice in his head that tells him to do all of this crazy, messed up stuff that he doesn't want to do. Omar’s new found political celebrity status not only cast a bright spotlight on the congresswoman, but on her oldest child … Then, in late 2005, Jay-Z bought Dash out of his stake in Rocawear. Raquel treat me like my father, like a fucking stranger She still don't know I made Sarah to strangle her Not put her in danger and chop her up in the back of a Wrangler ... Tyler, The Creator; Tyler was born in the 1990s. The Ace: Ace Creator. Tyler's braver, alpha male ego. Because Tyler killed them in "Bitch Suck Dick". Listen to Colossus by Tyler, The Creator - Wolf. This was a bitch to read. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Eatin' nothing but hard punches to that abdominal. This symbolizes either him killing the "bastard" side of him, so now that he's over with his father and being a bastard, it's time to move on. Music Video Edit. And Raquel that bitch, you should've killed that bitch You should've took me instead (uhh, that's weird) See, if you can't have her then he shouldn't neither ... Tyler, The Creator; But of course! Also, at the end of the video Samuel's Song plays and it says "The Wolves are coming with their guns. Dame Dash is an American entrepreneur, record executive, film producer, director, and actor. Here are some of his lyrics: “Raquel treat me like my father like a f*ckin’ stranger, She still don’t know I made Sarah to strangle her, Not put her in danger and chop her up in the back of a Wrangler, All because she said no to homecomin’” When security comes in after Tyler refuses to calm down, Tyler says "no, get away from me." I used to not like the guy, but apparently I didn't understand what he was rapping about. Sarah Lyrics ... It’s Raquel or something. So that might backup some of the theories. The gun drops, and we hear Tyler muttering "What the fuck man, man I'm fucked." The 1990s is remembered as a decade of peace, prosperity and the rise of the Internet. And Slater is the name of Samuels bicycle he rides sometimes with Salem on the handlebars. At the end of the album, he can't take all the sadness his father has brought him and from being a bastard, so he says "I'll let this bullet play hero / nah, I'm over it / bang!" Casen Kreation : If you had to shoot a video for one of these tracks, which one and why? The next track, Party Isn't Over, is Wolf telling Salem to "take a chance with a nigga like me" because he knows she is unhappy with her relationship with Sam. One line, he says "Green paper (money) gold teeth (grills/jewelry) and pregnant gold retrievers (pregnant bitches) all I want" is spoken by Wolf, then Tyler says "Fuck money, diamonds, and bitches, don't need em" and has a lyrical conversation with his personas. In 90s DVDs were invented, Sony PlayStation was released, Google was founded, and boy bands ruled the music charts. Panda Bear, Tyler the Creator, Cassie, Abra, Steve Lacy, and others contributed backing vocals. The next song, Parking Lot, describes Samuel and his 'crew' (aka Loiter Squad) are going to find and kill Wolf because he has been hanging out with Salem. Eventually, in the video, Tyler hangs himself and meanwhile, Wolf starts rapping, saying "I'm Wolf, Tyler put this fucking knife in my hand / I'm Wolf, Ace gon' put that fucking hole in my head" meaning, because Tyler is hanging himself, and he is one person, it is forcing Wolf, his alter ego, to commit suicide also, as we see by Wolf being 'forced' to hold a knife and commit suicide, at the end of the video. My father's dead well I don't know, we'll never fuckin' meet. He is 6’2” and weighs 171 pounds. and Tyler still repeats, " I'm so fucked. Wolf replies, "nah, but if I seen that nigga I woulda killed 'em." But anyways these were just some other things that I thought you forgot to mention in your theory. Produced by Tyler, The Creator. In Wolf, Wolf describes his troubles with Sam, because he is flirting with Sam's girlfriend. Then, Wolf is sent to Camp Flog Gnaw as a kind of vacation from what happened in Bastard. He then goes on to rap about a wedding, bride and groom, tying the knot." SAleM/saLEm) Salem is Sam's girlfriend at Camp Flog Gnaw, who he is very protective of. Dr. TC says "Sam and his band  have been at Camp Flog Gnaw for a while" and then he leaves to fill out field trip slips.