Characteristics u/DookkanBT. Merged Zamasu/ Fusion Zamasu Vers.2 Uploaded by : diogomonster. Powers and Stats. Merged Zamasu/Fusion Zamasu. Close. Infinite Zamasu screams in horror as he is destroyed by Future Zeno. But thanks to the dragon's power, his being remains. In the anime, this being is the surviving will of Fused Zamasu left over from his destruction because of Future Zamasu's immortality. As both Future Zamasu and Goku Black possess the same soul, it appears that this infinite form reflects that. When Goku tells Future Zeno that they are the ones responsible for what's happening, he deems them annoying and prepares to destroy them along with the entire universe. - Zamasu - LR Gohan - PHY Vegito - Super Buu - SSB Vegito - Merged Zamasu Also I went back and found my haul from last year's summons. This could be the worst Chain Battle in history of Dokkan. Question about AGL Zamasu: nehukog: 8: 11/13 3:56PM: JP Dokkan Battle Discussion #81: My Queen... StrykeBlayde: 343: 12/11 12:04PM: The last good celebration global got was a joint one. Zamasu's final demise at the hands of Future Zeno. zAdy. As with the anime, he far outclassed any member of the Dragon Team, due to his evolved immortality, and in the end, required Future Zeno to defeat him by erasing the entire timeline. In the anime, a short time after Fused Zamasu is split in half and seemingly destroyed by Trunks, vanishing into nothingness, Fused Zamasu's will survived as a result of Future Zamasu's immortality and appeared as a large column of dark energy that erupts from the place where he disappeared, growing up into the sky and splitting into multiple beams before taking on a cloud-like form. New Missions, New SSB Vegeta, Merged Zamasu FighterZ, & New EZA: DBZ Dokkan Battle V-Jump. 1. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. New Missions, New SSB Vegeta, Merged Zamasu FighterZ, & New EZA: DBZ Dokkan Battle V-Jump . Death Date(s) Despite its ethereal nature, the entity appears to be its own being, as it roars occasionally. His only goal in whatever remains of his mind from his previous incarnations seems to be to become one with the entire universe and beyond in order to kill all life forms, mortal and god; and become order and justice itself. Maybe buff merged zamasu could be an accurate description as he gained strength, yet lacked in speed comparable to the buff version of cell. "Music speaks when words fail!" so EZA Merged Zamasu tonight for west cost? This is the version of Zamasu from Future Trunks' timeline. Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! Infinite Zamasu in horror moments before getting erased by Future Zeno, Infinite Zamasu taking over the future timeline, Zamasu's face appears on Earth in the present timeline. Now if Toppo didn't have hakai I would agree that merged Zamasu wins, but with hakai he can take out Zamasu even with his immortality. 5. In this form, Infinite Zamasu's regeneration is so great, he was able to survive being blasted to smithereens and even have said pieces regenerate to form clones of Fused Zamasu. Please follow one of the disambiguation links below or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Is LR Cauli/Kale a fusion unit, or just a pair unit? He was chosen by Gowasu to be his successor, based on his battle talent. After Fused Zamasu is defeated, Infinite Zamasu is born and starts assimilating the universes and invades the Time Nest in an attempt to kill the Future Warrior along with the Supreme Kai of Time and Old Kai. One of these beams attacks the group of survivors. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This is based on actual EZA stats, at a rainbow level, and SA15. Being multiple Fused Zamases, Infinite Zamasu is even stronger than any of his predecessors. Core Person's will (anime)1/2 Core Person-1/2 Saiyan (manga) After his Grotesque form is cut in half, Goku Black and Future Zamasu briefly resurface before turning into a pair of Fused Zamasu. Heya folks, I am a Dragon Ball fan and this page is just for the purpose of posting Dragon Ball content. Main article: Universe Survival Saga Anime Male 2 x LR SSj4 Goku 3 x LR SSj4 Vegeta 2 x UI Goku 2 x Jiren 1 x SSj2 Goku (AGL) 1 x Turles (AGL) 1 x Majin Vegeta (STR) 1 x Goku Kaio-Ken (TEQ) Used 630 total then. "He was cut down. In the manga, he showed signs of extreme fear and panic the instant he was aware of Future Zeno's presence. As both Future Zamasu and Goku Black possess the same soul, it appears that this infinite form reflects that. speaker_notesInstallation. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! Topic Archived; Page . Allegiance Nightmare - Godly Power - Fear and Faith - Fused Fighter - Big Bad Bosses - Dismal Future - Fierce Battle Realm of Gods - Potara - Future Saga - Time Travelers - Final Trump Card - Exploding Rage x3x5 x7 x10 x30 x30 x30 Lv. 2,201 . Tweets by VGModsNet . Infinite Zamasu makes his debut in Xenoverse 2 in a cinematic cutscene. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Why does the game keep telling me "trade failed due to the limit reached?". In the manga, Infinite Zamasu retains Fused Zamasu's exact appearance and the Super Saiyan Rosé form he had as Fused Zamasu. Neo-newbie 1 total posts: 1 since: Feb 2019.