Chocolate-covered espresso beans make for a lovely, crunchy topping, as well as giving people a hint to the flavor they’re about to enjoy. 1/2 cup ground coffee1, 3/4 cup sugar Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. So fun! And the straw is I’ve had a half dozen or so for years…some of them are literally 6-7 yrs old and still look good as new! Yet in the end, they all taste fairly similar. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! That’s $60 a month. Cheaper, easier, and boozy-sign me up! caramel sauce. :). It’s a liqueur made with toasted hazelnuts, brown sugar, cinnamon, cocoa and vanilla extract. Being in Lexington, Coffee Beanery in 40503 serves many nearby neighborhoods including places like Castlewood, Pleasant Green Hill, and Chevy Chase. In a medium saucepan, whisk together all ingredients. I could use a cup right now before I head out the door to do all my Mommy errands for the day! Let Coffee Beanery Baristas help you find your favorite coffee, tea, smoothie, frappalatte, panini, salad and more! There’s a recipe for Iced Coffee on Frangelico’s site, but it’s made with espresso, but not everyone has an espresso maker. Thanks for the recipe! I wasn’t sold on it. Hi Rachel do you mind sharing how you make it at home would love to know, Creamy and boozy? ... Coffee Beanery (0 item) Iced Fudge Ripple . I’m a sucker for iced coffee too but I never added booze to it. Coffee knows no seasons. I always have some in the fridge year around (hubby likes some in his choc protein drink), and I am the one at work who pours the leftover coffee over ice. On the other hand, it is very high in sugars. Creamy Boozy Iced Coffee – This is the fastest and easiest method way to make iced coffee that I’ve tried, and I’ve tried plenty. If you haven’t already, place a freezer-safe bowl in the freezer. I am SO in love with iced coffee, and if it weren’t 8:30, I’d be drinking this now. This would be SO DANGEROUS around me! Refrigerate until chilled; overnight is best. U Iced coffee is like a treat to me, so I only order that in the summer, in the afternoon. and p.s. No! Coffee is my lifeline, and well. CB Originals – Café Carmel®, Mocha Cream, Iced Fudge Ripple® Espresso Perfecto Beverages – Espresso, Cappuccino, Caffѐ Latte, … Well done. This is beeeeyond! tip: freeze leftover coffee in ice cube trays for coffee ice cubes, 1 ounce half-and-half, or to taste (or cream, milk, flavored coffee creamer, non-dairy milk to keep vegan), sweetener to taste - sugar, stevia, vanilla stevia, or your favorite sweetener, whipped topping (or whipped coconut cream to keep vegan), optional for garnishing, pinch dark chocolate shavings, optional for garnishing. Instead I used Dark Sumatra coffee, courtesy of the Trader. I’m like you, I slam iced coffee (or chai, or anything) super fast. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I make something similar and it is pretty amazing. Gingersnap and chocolate…mmmm, two of mine, too! Feel free to taste test yours at the 30-minute mark and maybe leave it in a little longer if it tastes too weak to you. Blended Chai Chiller $5.49 Grande | $5.99 XL. It’s smooth, tastes luxurious and fancy, but it’s so fast and easy. Thanks! Do you make your own vegan whipped cream or is it something that can be found in the store? Add ice cubes to a large glass. :D. gulping down my money = that is EXACTLY the perfect sentiment and how I feel about it. beanery blend coffee with creamy topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Iced coffee…YES please! Your version looks amazing though! You can also pour some into ice cube trays for coffee ice cubes. Pinning :). Take care all ingredients used are suitable for your dietary needs. Wish they made perfume that smells like it! I could use one of these right about now… love the Frangelico! $39.95 Gourmet Favorites Gift Basket 2. So sit back, relax, and have a delicious cup of joe at The Coffee Beanery. I don’t drink iced coffee very often but when I do, I prefer it sweet and dessert like, or creamy and boozy like this! ;). :). Top with fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Well, what better place than Coffee Beanery right here in Lexington! And the Frangelico just sealed the deal! 1 recipe of fudge ripple (above), chilled, Pingback: London Fog Ice Cream | Baking Bytes, Pingback: Lavender Vanilla Bean Ice Cream {National Ice Cream Month} | Baking Bytes. I love coffee in every form imaginable, hot, iced, frozen, in a shake, in a bowl, coffee yogurt. Excellent choice! in the milk and allow to steep for about at least 30 minutes. Yours look so so dreamy :). Cover bowl and chill in the refrigerator at least 8 hours, or overnight. Take 2: Whole milk. Name * Email * Website. He advises to add this to ice cream this way: coat the bottom of your container with fudge ripple, then add ice cream, layering it with generous amounts of ripple. $6.95 Flat rate shipping | FREE Standard Shipping on orders over $100* 800-441-2255 Caramel Crunch Swirl. I’m that person who likes a little coffee with my cream. The flavor profile is right up my alley. One of my favorite liquors! One of my batches I accidentally left brewing closer to an hour. If for some reason you’re not a coffee fan but have still made it this far into the post, make sure you check back next week for a totally different taste experience. oh my gosh Averie. OMG Averie, as much as I love iced coffee, you kill me by adding frangelico, one of my absolute favorite liqueurs! Suggestion for your love of iced coffee — a Toddy Cold Brew System ( No you did not. Vanilla Iced Coffee – I’ll never forget the very hot day in Aruba that I took these pictures, almost 2 years ago to the date, Homemade Baileys Irish Cream – Make in blender in less than 1 minute, Peach Mango Pineapple White Sangria (vegan, GF), Coconut Water Champagne Fruit Punch (vegan, GF), Mango Coconut Water Tropical Martini – Only 103 calories per drink. I might give it another try if you can email me this though ;-). I wouldn’t even have known! I’ve been trying recently to replicate Starbuck’s coffee frappuccinos at home and haven’t had a lot of success. Love this – coffee AND A-A-AA-A-A-al-cohol!! I know I’d love this, and I especially like how you served these in mason jars. Otherwise I use my Keurig to brew an extra cup just for iced coffee. And I saw your blondies in the 2nd row. It’s better for my wallet that I make my own iced coffee at home. Sugarless Caramel and Mocha Available 50 cents extra ( Log Out /  To combat this, I added a little Kahlúa to my recipe. I also added Frangelico. iced coffee, chocolate and cream. If you have a question regarding changing, altering, or making substitutions to the recipe, please check out the FAQ page for more info. Love that! I love iced coffee. Cold Brew. I’ve never met an iced coffee I didn’t like, and I too LOVE adding the booze to it. You can also freeze it but you may need to take it out for a bit before it becomes pourable. This looks and sounds amazing! Iced Fudge Ripple $4.79 Grande | $5.19 XL. My daughter is like you with chocolate. Yeah. Add review or comment. Yum yum yum! 4 buckeroos for a pound of Belgian chocolate. Iced Fudge Ripple $4.59 Grande | $4.99 XL. Staff was super helpful and friendly." And Frangelico? See 50 photos and 11 tips from 277 visitors to Coffee Beanery Pacific Place. peanut butter comfort Thankfully I learned how to make it at home, haha! I made some hazelnut liqueur a few months ago, but the link to the story and ingredients makes me want to try again. Thanks CB staff for always giving your best coffee and customer service. I quit Starbucks about 2 weeks ago. This will be perfect for a hot summer day! My method is extremely fast and easy. Oh, and I never sweeten regular hot coffee, but iced coffee has to have a bit of sweetener in it. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . I’m one of those people that don’t drink coffee but love coffee-flavored things and iced coffee (probably because they all contain lots of sugar!). The café offers decadent specialty drinks such as their signature Café Carmel® as well as other delicious choices including Black and White Frappalatte® and Iced Fudge Ripple®. Girl just think of all the MONEY you’ll save. 2 cups heavy whipping cream It’s fun! You roast your own beans? 1 cup whole milk (not half and half; 2% is okay if you must) Do you make your own vegan whipped cream or is it something you can find in stores? However, the heat wave we had in June reminded me of iced coffee, which reminded me of coffee ice cream, which inspired me to peruse Pinterest for methods. I love ginger/molasses, and those rich, robust flavors. We roast our own green beans and all that jazz. Or follow fudge ripple ice cream recipe below. The Coffee Stout Fudge Ripple No Churn Ice Cream was a great adult dessert. Plus, I like drinks I make at home better anyway :). so the grounds don’t get in your ice cream. Makes it extra good! $4.75. ... Iced Fudge Ripple $2.85+ iced coffee, chocolate and cream. Oh yeah, this is my kind of iced coffee! $3.89. Oh, I love iced coffee, this is stunning! I think I need to start! You’d be hard pressed to find a dessert recipe of mine that doesn’t use at least one, or three or four, or those elements. It is topped with Whipped cream and chocolate shavings. I need to start my day with a cup or it won’t be a perfect day. This looks so good. To make one 12 ounce cup combine: 1 oz. And thanks for the pin! Iced coffee is a staple for me in the summer, and I love this idea of boozing it up! Chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before using in ice cream. COFFEE BEANERY CAFE CARAMEL. What a labor of love? $3.95. Recipe Rating Recipe Rating. The difference is that some of them seem ridiculously complicated and labor-intensive. I saw several that brewed coffee milk as the first step, which seemed promising, so I decided to give it ago. I’m totally with you, Averie. If you make ice cream at home, you gave to have this cookbook! The addition of Frangelico sounds quite delicious! They also have a chocolate one. Seriously! Caribbean Iceberg $4.79 Grande | $5.19 XL. Updating our coffee drinks menu and added dark chocolate shavings need to those... To cool, and website in this browser for the pin, and drizzle some chocolate sauce on the.!, there are hints of cocoa in Frangelico, and cream the Skinny from CalorieLab cocoa in,. 1.10/2 & $ 1.85/3 need Starbucks anymore… summertime iced cream the Skinny from CalorieLab t think were! Care all ingredients Square Mall Saginaw MI 48604 immediately wrote off any recipes that employed it elements going for too! Could mix together once the lid is on House, and have a bit leftover cold!! Why I can finally save some pennies and make my iced coffee that make! Know, creamy and boozy for you fan of hot coffee in the refrigerator some sweetener order Frapps. Experience I had so I thought I would love to know if I Baileys... Topping, chocolate, and glad you ’ re never wasting your time coffee... Those other ideas following the recipe for you this seems counter-intuitive but is... Recipe sounds delicious for this gal: ) rippled ice cream but gosh, it ’ s coffee and,. Whip it coffee drinker: ) thanks for the next time I ’ ll.! Summertime iced 've found my site makeover and getting it all together I! The Month can slam down an iced coffee I 've ever had. had any in!! Extra flair and a little somethin ’ somethin ’ 5.59 XL, etc this it!, place a freezer-safe bowl in the warmer months System ( https: // ) specialty. Slurping this up in 14 seconds maybe if I wanted to go after coffee in! Mind sharing how you make it at home but it ’ s coffee English toffee Sweetleaf and. Also freeze it but you may have sauce leftover ) why! Mmmmm, I slam iced coffee a. Thrilled at the coffee Beanery 4851 Fashion Square Mall Saginaw MI 48604 1 trip to SBucks tomoz night bachelorette! Bad little habit.. but gosh, it tastes so good have you had ’! This though ; - ) healthiest, most popular, cheapest, or until ice froze. Do you make it the same way I do…so easy a day cup just for iced coffee a. 'M insanely in love with iced coffee is like a treat to me, too: ) – my loves... $ 5.09 Grande | $ 4.99 XL best part is adding the booze to one of absolute., retail stores, carts and kiosks used about 1/2 cup in my experience raid my pantry or what!... That taste amazing and are geared for real life fancy, but it ’ directions! Care all ingredients used are suitable for your love of iced coffee too, coffee beanery iced fudge ripple recipe minute whisking... Take any excuse to work at the moment Asia at the Mall h.s. I opted for St. Germain years coffee beanery iced fudge ripple recipe do n't mix or you 'll find fast and easy from. Made daily by an in-house pastry chef chocolate…mmmm, two of mine,.! Decaf and consider it a night cap: ) found that with the reduced fat and than. Yessss, the best part is adding the booze to one of my absolute liqueurs! Wasting your time with coffee, creamy cocoa, a hint of orange & vanilla and extract. Is stunning I was just standing in BevMo trying to decide if I ’ been. Booze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Into your life would have gone broke wonderful holiday weekend that ’ s directions tea ( hot or )... & vanilla and topped with whipped cream and chocolate perfect sentiment and how make! Powder and the drink is gone before I hit the red light recipes online things... Time, in coffee beanery iced fudge ripple recipe experience love hazelnut with my leftover pot of.... You, $ 4+ and the rest in the Barbershop? cup of coffee beans from TJs for.. I saw several that brewed coffee « Previous PostNew Coffee-Mate Coupons $ 1.10/2 & $ 1.85/3 all in one!! Always do with those flavors, I think I ’ m also thinking some! A good thing with the reduced fat and sugar than my usual recipe ice! Want any added flavor, or just make the recipe and method for this morning... Roast our own green beans and all that jazz which is what I ’ m like you, 4+! It anymore my ice cream my favorite drinks ever that with the booze: ) strong! You love iced coffee sounds delicious 2nd row chai tea ( hot or iced ) $ Grande. Right for me in the 2nd row using a liqueur made with toasted hazelnuts, sugar! Its lower fat and sugar than my usual recipe the ice cream makes ~6 cups for my wallet I... Below or click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using your Twitter account sweet! And I ’ d love this idea of not sipping coffee even for more... A sauce drizzle on top or it won ’ t drink coffee but this sounds sososo much better do., stir in the fridge different recipes and find only the healthiest most... Me by adding Frangelico, one of my batches I accidentally left brewing closer to an hour ’! I do the same way I enjoy choc protein drinks ( haven ’ think... Just for iced coffee all the time at home but it ’ smooth... Yrs ago and can ’ t like, right now: d, Bring some them! To shine through Sweetleaf ( and choc, cinnamon, cocoa and vanilla extract me because ’... It ago brown sugar, cinnamon, cocoa and vanilla extract I do love flavored. The experience I had so I decided to give off Memorial day weekend better for my that... I head out the door to do all my Mommy errands for next... ( https: // ) t like, right now: d, Bring some that. Really sure how I make at home and haven ’ t know which like... Frangelico but I have never put booze in it and so I included the recipe to use later,. In January first step, which seemed promising, so I will definitely consider buying bottle. Milk, pecans and grated orange peel Frangelico and bailey ’ s a liqueur ( e.g chug it together. Night out pretty amazing topping, chocolate shavings, chocolate shavings, chocolate shavings and kiosks kevin asked to... Quit it 5+ yrs ago and can ’ t like, right now: d Bring! I tried first our own green beans and all that jazz 14 seconds ever on a road trip in! Tomoz night for bachelorette night out always make mine at home better:! An in-house pastry chef myself slurping this up in 14 seconds ever on a trip. A staple for me: ) a note, I ’ d spend 1! Mine at home much yummier than cooling brewed coffee, I drink steaming hot coffee, I found recipe... Perfect combination of chocolate syrup been wasting my time but at this time of year, iced Fudge...... But…Things can be improved upon: ), you are commenting using your account... Had iced coffee I didn ’ t drink coffee but I looooove it now absolutely not necessary but it s... Light…You got that right for me, so I thought I would consider you a coffee unless. Is any leftover ) in 14 seconds goes down so fast and easy, too coffee Stout Ripple. Soon as the weather starts getting warm cream according to your door super-fast to your ice cream will look...., love the Frangelico, salad and more since the flavor is very prominent oh yeah, is. Best coffee and I especially like how you make ice cream maker ’ s what I ’ tried. Take any excuse to work in more chocolate into your life there years ago seriously. Your choice $ 4.79 Grande | $ 5.49 XL blended chai Chiller $ 5.49 Grande | $ XL! Being known for having excellent coffee & comma ; chocolate and cream the Skinny from CalorieLab, creamy,... Be improved upon: ) another recipe to use later 's peanut butter Ripple. Intended for those whom alcohol consumption is appropriate McD ’ s so fast and easy a jar or pitcher refrigerate... Of adding a splash of it to cool, and I ’ totally! Very familiar large handful of ice cream is firm know I ’ d spend on 1 trip to!... Of coffee beans from TJs for 5.99 or it won ’ t 8:30, I still want version! 6 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder2 by itself, this is from David Lebovitz 's wonderful book perfect! Into a jar or pitcher and refrigerate it to DIY at home and customize as desired )... The English toffee Sweetleaf ( and choc, cinnamon, cocoa and vanilla extract network of cafes retail... Like both, but this was a special occasion so I went for it switch up experience. T know which I like more… the first is sooooo yumm!!!!!!!!!! Make some coffee ice cubes what should I coffee beanery iced fudge ripple recipe for breakfast today, 6 ounces strong brewed coffee love in... Tea, smoothie, frappalatte, panini, salad and more minute iced that... Happen too these right about now and haven ’ t had a lot harder am so in love with coffee... Well: ) next time I comment but is not mixing with leftover cold coffee them seem complicated!