It’s a heavenly feeling to be up on the summit at sunrise. In fact, for the locals, the winter months are a time for rejoice and they enjoy a number of festivals during this time. The best time of taking Kedarkantha trek is during the winter which is from December to April. } else if(fieldObj.type =='checkbox'){ But Kedarkantha promises just the right amount of snow and at the same time gives you access to a summit that stands tall at 12,500 ft! Day 5: Har Gaon – Sankri Located around 200 kilometers from the state capital Dehradun, Sankri is the starting point of the Kedarkantha trek. It is an out-and-out snow trek during these months. Trekkers devoir to particularly pay attention to the section when Purola till the bottom camp. This is a large perk of trekking to Kedarkantha. The temperature during these months ranges between 0 to -7 degree Celsius. The falling winter snow it's a hypnotizing pictorial view and what's more alluring, is the perspective on the Mighty Himalayas from. One has to carry proper clothing to protect themselves from the rough weather. From there the group heads onto the … Doing cardio vascular exercises is … Hands down it was one of the best experiences I had ever had. The Kedarkantha trek distance is quite little, and by trekking around 4 km daily for 3 days, you can easily reach the summit. There are basically four seasons to visit Kedarkantha Trek and we will start from Best Time for Kedarkantha Trek that is the winter season. Also can experience snowfall depends on weather conditions. Another beauty of this trekking trail is that it starts from a dense pine forest where one can begin the trekking trail walking over the bed of brown dried leaves creating a unique experience and a magnificent view that is absolutely unparalleled. And lasts till the third week of April. Best Time for Kedarkantha Trek is a winter trek – from December to April. If you’re looking for more information about Kedarkantha trek best time, cost, itinerary and more, feel free to get in touch with our experts. HOW TO REACH? What’s Kedarkantha Trek Best Time to Plan a Visit? Image Source. var name=''; After travelling from Dehradun for a period of 7-8 hours, you will arrive in the village. To begin with, winter in Kedarkantha can be harsh, so you must be prepared to brace the cold. The temperature will be around 13-18 degrees Celsius during the day. Book Kedarkantha Trek with Trek The Himalayas. To get that done, we woke up at 2:30am and started the summit push at 3 am. Enjoy the serene surrounding and then trek down to Har Gaon, which is located around 8, 900 ft above sea level. Overview; Itinerary; ... Once you reach the top you will get to know why the Kedarkantha is the best winter trek, Uttarakhand can offer, with clear layers of soft snow and movie-like locations to capture down the memories. Kedarkantha Trek Difficulty. So make sure you have enough warm clothes. Kedarkantha Winter Trek Best Time. During this period Kedarkantha is fully covered with snow. If the snowy mountains attract you then this the best time for you to witness the true beauty of nature. After the sun sets, the temperature could go as low as -7 degrees Celsius. At this time the location is filled with snow and so you get the feel of the … } Sankri village is the base camp of the trek which is one of the best base camps for many wonderful treks. var fldLangVal=new Array('Last Name','Email','Trek/Tour Name','Mobile'); Every camping site is exclusive in its beauty. } Many have questions about which is the best time for Kedarkantha Trek. There is a harmony of beauty in the majestic peaks around you and an astonishing golden light that seems to come from another age. Kedarkantha from Delhi. In this duration, the Kedarkantha Trek days becomes noticeably shorter and the temperature cools considerably. Best Time To Go For Kedarkantha Trek. var mndFileds=new Array('Last Name','Email','LEADCF1','Mobile'); Some of Popular and Amazing Places to visit in Himachal in 2021. The entire region is covered with sparkling white snow and the base of alpine trees is half-submerged with it. fieldObj.focus(); One of them is the weather which directly impacts the trek difficulty level. Juda Ka Talab-: 3.) return false; It’s an unseen route thus meticulous that it’s the foremost stunning drives within the Himalaya Mountains. If you’re unfamiliar with Kedarkantha trek best time, here are a few important pieces of information that may be of interest to you. after you reach the meadows, a large blanket of white is likely to surround you in every direction. The trek to Kedarkantha runs all-round the year. In order to trek to Kedarkantha peak, you have to go through Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. During this time the temperature can drop till -10 degrees as the weather in the Himalayas is highly unpredictable. From a trekking perspective, the best time to go on Kedarkantha trek would be during winters. These treks start from near my village, today it seems like when people take this trek and there is a joy on everyone’s face. Complete Kedarkantha Trek Guide. */ Night stay is scheduled at Har Gaon. Kedarkantha trek is one of the few treks in the Indian Himalayas where you can trek for most part of the year. This trek has the prettiest campsites within the Himalaya Mountains. The snow clapped trekking trails and the buckets of snow at the base of the pine trees are a fascinating beauty to savor and which remains only available during the winter days. Another magnificent experience is Zip 700. an adventure at the beginning of the Kedarkantha trek. return false; Not every trek boasts about the sweetness of their campsites just like the Kedarkantha trek. What’s Kedarkantha Trek Best Time to Plan a Visit. Chopta Chandrashila Deoria Tal Trek has a moderate level of difficulty. Kedarkantha Peak -: 5.) function reloadImg() { Best time to trek Kedarkantha is best done as a winter trek – from December to April. It is an out-and-out snow trek during these months. Day 1. 2.) if(fieldObj.type =='file') biggest takeaways when you decide to choose winter as a trekking option. '); Moreover, Kedarkantha is one of the few treks accessible in winter. Kedarkantha trek best time would depend on the specific needs and requirements of customers. alert('Please select a file to upload. So if you want to trek the Himalayas around the Christmas holidays or perhaps start your New Year at the summit, then you should register for the Kedarkantha Trek. In order for that, you will require multiple layers of warm clothing. with good facilities and experienced staff.

. Summer Season – May to JuneDuring this season Kedarkantha Trek weather turns into golden meadows with a warm atmosphere.

/* Do not remove this code. Kedarkantha trek best time would depend on the specific needs and requirements of customers. The whole year is the Kedarkantha Trek Best time to visit, the trekking tour promises refreshing and a heart filled pleasure which makes the destination so attractive to millions of visitors throughout the year. What is Kedarkantha Trek Difficulty Level? Best time to go/Weather. The Kedarkantha Trek takes you on a memorable journey starting with the Govind National Park which is a treasure house of flora and fauna such as leopards, bears, musk deer and many birds! When you are calculating the overall Kedarkantha trek cost, you must keep a few things in mind. Surely recommend it to the people reading this review of mine. Difficulty level rises only during winters, but even then the trek is suitable for beginners. During winters, everything is covered in snow and the streams are also frozen. “So as per us best time to visit Kedarkantha— is from December to April. 1.) I believe that these treks are for all those people who consider their second home in the mountain! The best time to travel to Kedarkantha Peak Trek is around the year except for monsoon (July and August). fieldObj.focus(); } else if(fieldObj.nodeName=='SELECT') { Hotels Map. Last but not least is the splendid breathtaking view of the famous snow-capped mountain summits that come into view as soon as one steps in Kedarkantha base and the view gets more stunning which each step towards the summit. Although Kedarkantha remains cold throughout the year, the winter months of December, January, February, and March bring in the maximum snowfall and make for the best time to trek the mountain. Kedarkantha trek is accessible for 10 months of the year except July and August (the peak rainy months in Uttarakhand). alert(fldLangVal[i] +' cannot be empty'); after you get to the Kedarkantha summit, it’s as if you have got touched the sky and all the summits are at your eye level! However, all trekkers should be in a healthy state before going on this trek. return false; fieldObj.focus(); The Himalayas are not always accessible in winter – most trails get too much snowfall, the weather gets unmanageable, making the entire trek inaccessible. The entire region is covered with sparkling white snow. The best time for Kedarkantha Trek is during the during the winter months of December,January,March, April and May. var name=''; Kedarkantha Trek Difficulty level is considered by comparison an easy high altitude trek. If you like being out on the snow treks, then this one is for you. Best reasons which will change your decisions. Chandigarh. Despite being of moderate level, it is essential to have a good physical fitness, due to weather conditions. As you trudge along the trek route, you will come across slippery ridges, wide-open clearings, white alpine forests, and a lot more. Summer months also have their own advantages and benefits. Kedarkantha Trek is best done in the winter season that is from mid-Dec to the end of April. The difficulty level of Kedarkantha trek is considered easy to moderate. The Kedarkantha Winter Trek is a perfect adventure in the lap of the Himalayas of Garhwal to be done in December, January, February,March and April.

function checkMandatory3880343000000341102() { Kedarkantha is a 10 km trek (one way) from the village Sankri. The best time to go there during the summer season is between March and June. Fill in your details and we’ll get back to you in no time. Kedarkantha Trek is perfect for those who are hungry for adventure and want to witness the untouched and purest beauty of nature and … The days will be most pleasant and the blue sky visible all the time with fairly stable temperatures. Best time to visit: Kedarkantha is open during all seasons except monsoons. Though Kedarkantha Trek can be conducted almost the whole year the aspiring views that it provides in the winter months from December to April cannot be compared with summer times. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I have done this trek more than 100 times; no one else knows more about this trek than I know! This trek earns the badge of one of the best winter treks in India. } Choosing Kedarkantha Trek Organizers. In fact, Juda Ka Talab, a lake which lies on the Kedarkantha trek route is completely frozen. The Kedarkantha Trek offers a very accessible trek, any time of the year. It is an out-and-out snow trek during these months. document.getElementById('imgid').src = document.getElementById('imgid').src+'&d'+new Date().getTime(); During these months the forests and meadows are green and flourishing, with clear skies. People choose to go on this Kedarkantha Trek in different seasons. Best Time for Kedarkantha Trek. you’re probably to return across snow even as you cross the 10,000 ft mark, lying on the forest floor among the pine trees. it’s near as if all of them compete with the other for the attractive setting. if(fieldObj.checked == false){ The entire trek route and surrounding is covered by a thick layer of fresh white snow. Planning Kedarkantha Trek. The trail was well established and it was a … Trek Difficulty: Moderate; Highest Elevation: 12,500 feet; Trek Duration: 06 Days/ 05 Nights; Trek Distance: 21 km; Region: Uttarkashi; Base Camp: Sankri Village; Nearest Bus/Railway Station/Airport: Dehradun; Best time to do: November to April. Sankri falls right outside the sanctuary and offers magnificent views of the surrounding Himalayas.