For an all-star cast of renowned custom knifemakers that is virtually unmatched, knife enthusiasts come to KnifeArt to see what kind of uniquely crafted designs the likes of Chris Reeve, Duane Dwyer, Rick Hinderer and a cast of many other luminaries have come up with. It was the only piece of steel I could find on short notice, so that's what I used. The Makers. From hunting and pocket knives to the V-42 Stiletto carried by U.S. Army soldiers in World War II, to the M-1 Astronauts knife carried on the Gemini and Apollo missions, Case knives have been a trusted companion, as well as a tool, for generations. Bark River Knives is a family-owned business whose goal is to produce the finest semi-production cutting tools available on the market. Quality knives by Bespoke USA makers are a particular interest of mine as well as Japanese and French Bespoke Knife makers. Autumn Camp Knife. Northstar Forge proudly uses only the finest high-carbon steel. Nighthawk Custom® is pleased to be one of the very few dealers for handmade custom knives by Arkansas native and Master Knifemaker, Keith Murr. We hold ourselves to high standards of quality and design, as well as standards of performance. MWVW Knives View Knives. "In this day and age, the everyday need for a blacksmith has never been lower," says … While you’d be hard-pressed to get your hands on any of his knives, as the ones already … His knives are built to withstand heavy use and will last a lifetime. CJ Buck is currently Chairman and CEO of Buck Knives, Inc. and the 4th generation family member to run Buck Knives. The tactical knife world may seem to have become overly-crowded in the past few decades. M390 super steel is manufactured by Bohler-Uddeholm. He went on to develop the Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knife – now the iconic Swiss Army Knife – in 1897, creating the foundation for a flourishing company that would be able to hold its own on the world stage. Jeff also does his own precision heat treating in house with a digital oven and appropriate quench oil to ensure maximum hardness and toughness of the blades. W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company has been a leading American manufacturer of premium, hand-crafted knives for more than a century. But what makes a custom knife really special is that it is made with you in mind. Kramer Knives; 2114 Humboldt St Bellingham, Wa 98225 (360) 738-6004;; There are probably more than I listed within 20 miles of you, but I'm not very familiar with your local map. Thanks to my years of experience and knifemaker/dealer contacts, I have the resources available to obtain most BESPOKE knives. Michael StClair designs and create knives for everyday use, collection, or investment. From my forge in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina into your hands, my custom handmade knives will meet the demands of backwoods camping, all-purpose carry, the working kitchen, as well as make an elegant presence in a display case. Chef knives from $379;, "In this day and age, the everyday need for a blacksmith has never been lower," says Ben Noffsinger, who makes a range of chef, utility, and paring knives from 52100 carbon steel in Morganton, North Carolina. In 1891 he supplied the soldier’s knife to the Swiss Army for the first time. (They even incorporate personal materials, like strips from Grandma’s apron, into the handles). It has a conventionally shaped 10 … I'm a self taught knife maker from Akron Ohio. Her black- and blade-smithing took her from Vermont to Colorado, North Carolina, Mexico, Maine, and finally to Brooklyn, where she worked for two years under another maker of highly coveted knives, Joel Bukiewicz at Cut Brooklyn, whom she considers her mentor. "Growing up on an apple orchard in Vermont, surrounded by incredible fresh food, cooking has always been a big part of my life, so the leap from blacksmithing to bladesmithing didn't seem so huge." Bonner feels a strong affinity with his fellow bladehounds. Busse Battle Mistress. "When I first found blacksmithing, I was struck by the fulfillment I found in creating pieces of art that were also everyday items that I really use day-to-day," she says. Bolo Bowie. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Check out the KA-BAR knives lucky enough to be born in the USA. Among those exhibitors were some of the finest knife makers in the world, who brought with them a handful of new knives. Bear & Son Cutlery and Remington Outdoor Company (ROC) have announced a partnership agreement to manufacture a new line of collectible and functional cutlery products. Pieter Swanepoel View Knives. Reasoning that the tools used to make sustainable food should be made from sustainable sources as well, Bloodroot’s knives are made from recycled and found steels.“When we use a piece off of a piano made in the 1890s or a blade from a sawmill, we’re aware of the fact that our work is very much rooted in the work before us,” says Van Wyk. Damascus Gent's Bowie. Michael Du Plessis View Knives. Welcome to Arizona Custom Knives Home of the Largest Selection of Custom Knives in the World. Herein you’ll find one of the finest collections of handmade hunting, bowie and tactical knives on the internet today, sorted by maker. Handles are made from wood native to Vermont. Backpacker's Bowie. Pocket, folding, or fixed blade knives to fit your life. The proliferation of boutique manufacturers, the array of styles, designs, and materials can leave consumers bewildered in their search for the ideal tactical knife. Don't be afraid of a long knife!" He accepts commissions and works with customers to create unique, one of a kind knives.? 293 Inertia by Buck $60. SOG Flash II. These five small-scale knife makers would beg to differ. Here are some names from Knives 2009 you could search on in greater Pheonix: Tim Hancock Ray Rybar Bob Karp Robert Hankins Michael Snare Michael Tamboli Charles Weiss Bill Wolf There are about 50 makers listed in AZ. Ad Choices. You can view a sampling of my work within these galleries and post. Chef knives from $300; Bear & Son Cutlery Closed: 4.50 in. Buckeye Frame-Handle Fighter. The collection will offer all of the sleek design of a Bear & Son knife with the rugged durability that sportsmen have come to rely on from Remington. Feel free to look around and get to know me and my knives. "However, like many things, there are some things computers and high tech equipment cannot replicate.” One example: a well-balanced knife. The Entrek USA line of high quality knives consists of over 30 models ranging from the Lynx at an overall length of under 6 1/2 inches to the Strike Eagle at over 14 1/2 inches. Some of the best custom knife designers in the business come to the Las Vegas Custom Knife Show. Noffsinger considers balance "the most important aspect in a knife," and likens his search for the most-balanced knife to—stay with him now—Pythagoras seeking God in geometry and ratios. These products are aimed for use by outdoors-men and others who need real performance in the field. Using exotic hides, or leather and various forms of tooling, she has mastered the craft of sheath making. The Battle Mistress is not a radical design. "I prefer a thin cross-section with a convex grind...[so the knife can] cut through the food with little resistance, without the food sticking to the sides of the knife." The purposes of the Guild were, and continue to be: to promote custom knives and knifemakers, to assist the knifemaker technically, to encourage ethical and professional business conduct, and to sponsor an annual business meeting and knife show. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated as of 1/1/21) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated as of 1/1/21) and Your California Privacy Rights. We offer wide range of … Not only is Nighthawk Custom a dealer, but we work closely with Mr. Murr to design knives exclusive to us. If you have any questions, would like to have a custom knife made or just want to say “Hi” please go to my contact page. My X-Rhea knife. 3.10 oz. Knives By Mark. Dragonfly Bowie. Chef knives from $400;, In 1986, Delbert Ealy read a magazine article about Damascus steel. Our Pick: Boker Anti-Grav Knife. It uses third generation powder metal technology and developed for knife blades requiring excellent corrosion resistance and very high hardness for excellent wear resistance. Brief Overview of The Knifemakers' Guild. My name is Mark Campana. Page 1 of 7; He also uses high strength epoxy and flared tubing pins to attach the handles for durability and a nice solid feel. Here are the most notable blades from the show. (+) Good choice of blade … Boker is kind of a dark horse in the folding knife … Did somebody say American craftsmanship is dead? M390 hardens to 60-62 HRC. Bronze Bowie. Bark River Knives is a family-owned business whose goal is to produce the finest semi-production cutting tools available on the market. Chef knives from $400;, "I think the biggest mistake that home cooks make is being reluctant to use a long chef knife," says knife maker Nate Bonner. Which knife is tough enoug… Jeff makes his knives based off his own designs, using 1095, 80CRv2 and a few other high carbon steels. 8.0 in. These elite knifemakers have spent so much painstaking time fine-tuning their designs that an unparalleled array of knives combining … Still manufactured in Bradford, Pennsylvania by skilled artisans using the finest materials and time-honored techniques – this rich heritage makes Case knives the brand of choice for sportsmen and knife enthusiasts, as well as the most collected knives in the world. "There are many steels that will make excellent knives, but it's important the makers know the steel and can get the most from it," he says. 3.5 in. Randy’s wife, Sonja Lee, is one of the premier sheath makers in the business. The Knifemakers Guild was established in 1970. American made, life-time guaranteed knives for outdoors, hunting, fishing, survival and work. "The more draw you have, the less effort is required to cut. Desert Bronze Bowie. Boker Manufactory. Nafzger Forge. Blades are made from high carbon steel horse files. These products are aimed for use by outdoors-men and others who need real performance in the field. Knife Styles & Steels A standard hunting knife has a 3-5” blade length. Which design is best? When a knife is made for you, it has a totally different feel to it, and really well-made knives can become family heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. “Buying a knife is like buying a car,” says David Van Wyk, who makes kitchen knives, tools, and the occasional sword with his friend Luke Snyder in Athens, Georgia. If you want something truly unique, hand made in the USA, and of a quality unparalleled to anything mass produced, my knives are for you. (Cowles often uses wood from that orchard for her handles). With a rich history dating back over 30 years, Benchmade is the product of many dedicated employees, a never-quit demand for excellence and the de Asis family’s vision and total commitment to culture, service and innovation. Dan Graves - The Knife Maker I have been making knives since 1995 and took my passion full time in 2004. “Having felt the difference in a properly balanced blade, I began to understand the innately human element in the mythology of fabled blades like the Norse blade 'Balmung,'" he says. The knives made legendary by Jim Bowie live on as new incarnations of speed, elegance and danger. Like most makers of kitchen knives, he favors carbon steel—specifically 1095 and 52100—for their edge retention and "sharpen-ability," and gives his blades a long tapered grind "for its strength and laser-like ability to cut on the edge." Chef knives from $250;, Like most knife makers, Moriah Cowles was drawn to the business because of its place at the intersection of art and function. They continue to listen to the people who use Entrek USA knives and design knives to meet their needs. Peter Carey. (4.8/5) AUS-8. Handmade knives by Chelsea Miller Knives are made from discarded farm tools and horse files. Both companies stress the importance of quality products made in the USA. "Because of their weight distribution and geometric harmony, these blades were believed to be gifts from the gods." This directory has information about people who make knives with links to their businesses, which includes large corporations, small businesses and individuals.By far the most abundant type of knifemaker in America are individual bladesmiths, many who started out as part time hobbiests that have gone on to be full time master craftsmen. 8-8-8 Bowie. Ex Materia. It is my unique design of one piece forged from carbon steel knife. The first knife I made was from a piece of steel that was attached to a yard sprinkler. C225GP Hundred Pacer by Spyderco $360. Dogwood Custom Knives (9) Dragonfly Bladeworks (7) Due South Knives (27) E White (2) George Wostenholm (1) Goat n Hammer (1) Jarrett Fleming Knives (1) Jarvis Knives (2) Jesse Crane (1) Kelsey Creek (1) KH Daily Custom Knives (3) LT Wright Handcrafted Knives (29) M Malosh (1) Nicholas Nichols Knives (8) O'Neill Customs (1) Ohlone Knives (5) One Sun Knife Design (3) Arkansas has been known as a center for knife makers now for almost 200 years. With that theory in mind, Van Wyk and Snyder custom-make every element of their knives—steel, balance, materials, weight, grind—to the way each individual customer cooks. Welcome to Ken Hall Knives. 3 Leg Dog Knives View Knives. His 'working' knives, if taken care of properly, will appreciate in value over time. Custom Hunting knives made in a variety of shapes and sizes from the drop point, spear point, straight back, Scandinavian, to name a few. Damascus steel is made from welding layers of metal strips and then repeatedly heating and forging them, which produces a beautifully intricate, wavelike pattern—not to mention extreme strength. Fixed blade knives are probably the most common, but you can find many folding blades along with a wide variety of special purpose knives too.Apart from finding knives which we use everyday, which includes both factory produced & handmade items, many are one of a kind and unique. 0.13 in. Alan Mitchell View Knives Photo by: Dirk Loots. Dragon’s Breath Forge is a partnership of Jamie Lundell and Matthew Parkinson–two experienced bladesmiths with a passion for the craft. "From cowboys to surgeons, military to the weekend zombie warrior, we all share a love for a good knife,” he says. The first model designated 14BBC was made in Taiwan and marked “400 Series Stainless”. Andre De Villiers View Knives. They're so proud of their USA made knives, they print those three great letters right on the highest quality blade, so you'll never forget that KA-BAR knives are made in the land of the free and used by the brave. I shaped the steel with a file, and my grand dad helped me heat treat it (that's when I discovered it was mild steel). Let me know what you want and, if it is at all possible, I will do my best to obtain it for you. Nkosi Jubane View Knives. Which manufacturer produces the highest quality product at a reasonable price? Now, he's an expert in the stuff, crafting knives made from the material in his Michigan studio. There are literally hundreds of versions of this classic knife made by many custom knife makers but Cold Steel introduced this model as an affordable version of the famous W.R. Loveless subhilt fighter. AG Russell Knives has been the best source for quality handmade knives and custom knives since AG did his first mailing in 1964. Since 1995, Epicurious has been the ultimate food resource for the home cook, with daily kitchen tips, fun cooking videos, and, oh yeah, over 33,000 recipes. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. New knives offered each weekday at 3:30pm ET; 25 years of service to knife makers… Arno Bernard ... Mackrill Custom Knives View Knives. © 2020 Condé Nast. Should I choose a fixed or folding knife? To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. “It's the oldest and most important tool known to man." I build custom knives to your specifications or based on any of the knives you see here. Epicurious may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. We are currently compiling the most comprehensive list of companies that make knives right here in the USA. Aquaterra Wooden Handle by Wichard Learn More: Here. Fang Bowie. THE “X-RHEA” KNIFE. CHELSEA MILLER KNIVES "Each Chelsea Miller knife is an invitation to wonder about the natural and industrial world. Andre Thorburn View Knives. Hunting, utility, tactical they make knives to fit many uses. Everything on the knife is created in his own shop, he designs and makes all parts of the knife, including the sheath. There are three very important letters that separate these KA-BAR knives from all others - U.S.A. All rights reserved. CJ started with Buck Knives in 1978, working on the production line building 110 Folding Hunters. Bonner was a childhood knife obsessive-turned-chef who found himself making technical changes to the knives in his restaurant kitchens. Firecreekforge.Com Nessmuk Classic Design Hunting And Skinning Knife Made By Hand Custom. Philip Dunn View Knives. Carbon Fighter.